Terezia Revesova Makes Her Career Vital

Following her victory at the U.S. Open World Martial Arts Championship in the Karate Kata category in Florida, karate aficionado Terezia Revesova found that the publicity from that win propelled her to a large number of other activities. Her victory was covered by news outlets, such as the Slovak press.

Not long after, in 2011, Terezia competed against some of the most beautiful women and won, becoming the first-ever Miss Czech Slovak America. This new monumental victory led to her becoming more widely known throughout the New York City area. The newly crowned Miss Czech Slovak America Terezia Revesova was invited to judge many contests and was even invited to one as the guest of honor. From there, she began to gain traction in the fashion industry as a model. She has worked with prominent names such as Fergie and Vince Camuto, to name a few.

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